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Here are some questions and statements that may help you get the information and/or referrals you need at your next doctor visit:

• Are my glucose levels in a healthy range to help prevent future complications?

• Do our medication lists agree with each other?

• This is what I have done for my diabetes since I last saw you.

• What two or three specific things could I work on that will have the most beneficial effect on my diabetes control?

• What lab tests should I have done before my next appointment?

• What annual exams should I schedule now?

• I am feeling overwhelmed by what I think is required to control my glucose levels. Can you help me with this or refer me to someone who can?

• Is my diabetes affecting my heart or kidneys in any way?

• I am interested in seeing a certified diabetes educator to review my skills for injecting insulin.

• I am having trouble planning my meals. I would like to see a nutritionist for help.

• Is there someone on your office staff that can assist me in obtaining resources or lower-cost supplies?

Originally Published February 24, 2012

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