10 Diabetes Technologies to Watch in 2019

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One Drop Automated Decision Support
One Drop Automated Decision Support. Image courtesy of One Drop.

One Drop Automated Decision Support

Creator: One Drop

Launch date: September 2018, ongoing

One Drop is a digital platform for diabetes data management and education. It includes a mobile app, a Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose monitor called Chrome, and a personal diabetes coaching service.

One Drop’s mobile app is the centerpiece of its platform, and it can be synced with a number of different blood glucose monitors to store and analyze your data (One Drop Chrome syncs with the app automatically). Starting in September 2018, the app began offering a feature called Automated Decision Support to a small pool of eligible app users.

For this feature, the app takes a user’s blood glucose reading and analyzes it by referencing 1.3 billion data points from over 1 million app users — data that covers food intake, physical activity, use of medications, and blood glucose readings. The user then receives a report in the app predicting future blood glucose trends, and is advised how to take action if a drop or spike in glucose is predicted.

Since Automated Decision Support relies on data from millions of users, it doesn’t require using the app for an extended period before trends can be spotted. The feature was initially available only to users with Type 2 diabetes who don’t use insulin, but One Drop declared its intention to expand the feature to a wider range of users over time.

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