10 Diabetes Technologies to Watch in 2019

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Guardian Connect CGM System
Guardian Connect CGM System. Image courtesy of Medtronic.

Guardian Connect CGM System

Creator: Medtronic

Launch date: March 2018

This CGM system was designed with connectivity in mind, and employs a sensor that works with iOS devices without a separate receiver. It’s meant to appeal to people who inject insulin, since it works independently of any insulin delivery system.

The Guardian Connect offers predictive alerts 10 to 60 minutes before glucose levels reach a high or low level, which show up on your phone. Glucose readings are also stored on your phone, and can easily be accessed and viewed in different formats using the dedicated app.

Predictive alerts “fill a key gap that exists in diabetes treatment today: how to predict dangerous highs and lows so they can be potentially avoided,” says Annette Brüls, president of diabetes service and solutions at Medtronic.

The system also includes an app called Sugar.IQ, which aims to help people understand their daily glucose patterns and the factors that affect their readings.

The Guardian Connect offers what Medtronic calls the lowest-profile CGM sensor/transmitter available, which weighs in at 5.7 grams (0.2 ounces) and is 9 millimeters (0.35 inches) thick. Each sensor takes about 2 hours to “warm up” and can be left in place for 7 days. The transmitter, which sits above the sensor, is rechargeable and lasts for at least 6 days per charge, according to the company.

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