10 Must-Have Game of Thrones Kitchen Tools

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Game of Thrones Kitchen

The final season of the HBO show Game of Thrones is upon us, and for those who love cooking and being in the kitchen almost as much as the show, it’s time to combine the two. Here are our favorite Game of Thrones kitchen implements — from cookie cutters to oven mitts — to help you stock up your kitchen for winter. 

1. House Lannister Golden Hand Silicone Glove 

One of the most practical items you can have in your kitchen, this oven mitt is made of 100% BPA-free food grade silicone. It’s easily washable and comfortable to wear. This mitt is one of those items you could use every day, and it would make a great gift for fellow Game of Thrones fans. Buy it here. 


2. Hand of the King Bottle Opener

 Inspired by the hand of the king pin, this bottle opener is made of a durable alloy and is easy to grip. It’s a great addition to your home bar and handy to have at your side when you crack open your favorite light beer to enjoy during the show. Before you take a sip, brush up on how beer can affect diabetes. (Any type of alcohol can raise the risk of low blood sugar, so it’s best to eat something that contains carbohydrate when you drink alcohol.) Buy it here.


3. Dinner is Coming Kitchen Apron

This apron makes a big statement: dinner is coming! It would make a versatile gift for a Game of Thrones lover, as it could be used outside the kitchen for those who garden, woodworkers or artists. The apron even has two design options: House Targaryen or Night King. Buy it here. 

4. House Stark Bamboo Cutting Board

This cutting board is made of eco-friendly bamboo with a design in the shape of the House Stark dire wolf. It would make an excellent board for cheese and meats to pass to guests during a Game of Thrones viewing party, but also comes in handy for everyday meal prep. Buy it here. 


5. Game of Thrones Cookie Stamps

These cookie stamps measure 2.25 inches and could be used with any kind of cookie, but we recommend trying them with Browned Butter Spritz Cookies. The set of four comes with “Stark”, “Targaryen”, “Lannister” and “Winter is Coming” silicone stamps with a wooden handle included. Buy it here. 

6. Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Cookie Jar

After you get carried away and make a few too many Game of Thrones cookies with those cookie stamps, store them in this dragon egg cookie jar. The ceramic jar would look great sitting on the kitchen counter and would be sure to attract attention from guests. Buy it here.


7. I Drink and I Know Things Wine Glass

Every time you settle down to watch Game of Thrones, pour your relaxing glass of wine into this festive 12.75-oz glass. It is made in the U.S., dishwasher safe and made with high-quality glass. A daily glass of wine may help improve heart health and blood sugar control in people with Type 2 diabetes, according to a study, so if you do imbibe, drink up in style! Buy it here. 

8. Game of Thrones Sigil Tankard

This tankard comes with a removable stainless steel insert and is made from hand-painted, quality resin. Within each of the five arches featured on the tankard, there is the sigil and motto of each house: the dragon of the Targaryens, the kraken of the Greyjoys, the stag of the Baratheons, the dire wolf of the Starks and the lion of the Lannisters. Any favorite diabetes-friendly beverage would be better served in this mug. Buy it here. 

9. Hour of the Dragon Coaster Set

This dragon coaster set comes with four heavy coasters and is made of high quality polyresin, individually hand crafted and painted. The set is ideal for using when guests come over to watch the show and you want to make sure your furniture stays pristine. Buy it here.

10. Sculpted Dragon Egg Candles

Set the mood in your kitchen with these intricate candles modeled after the petrified dragon eggs owned by Daenerys Targaryen. Buy it here. 

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