2016 ConnecT1D Retreat

If you’re a teen, young adult, or adult in the area of Seattle who’s living with Type 1 diabetes[1] (T1D), you’ll want to check out the upcoming 2016 ConnecT1D Retreat.

ConnecT1D “was founded on the basic principle that people with Type 1 diabetes manage their disease better when they have strong connections and support from others.”

A one- to two-day weekend retreat, this year’s program features keynote speeches by nurse and certified diabetes educator[2] Joe Solowiejczyk and patient advocate Kerri Sparling, both of whom have Type 1 diabetes. Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet with industry representatives to learn about new and upcoming diabetes technology, as well as to participate in small group discussions and mingle with fellow conference-goers.

For adults only, there is also the option to stay overnight at the waterfront Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort and participate in small group workshops or mix and mingle with other adults living with Type 1 diabetes.

The registration fees range from $45 to $195, depending on the package chosen. For more information on the retreat, and to register, visit the official event website[3].

This blog entry was written by Senior Digital Editor Diane Fennell.

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