A Surprise Wedding and a Significant Encounter

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This past weekend, I took a trip to Atlanta to attend a surprise party for a soon-to-be family member, Heather. She is my brother’s fiancé and turned 30 last weekend. Only, there was a catch.

Curt, my older brother, and Heather have been engaged for almost nine months and were telling people that they were going to have a small wedding in June. However, those plans changed a couple of months ago when they decided to take it a step further. Last weekend, they had a surprise wedding when almost all of our family and close friends were there.

While I was clued in to the surprise and others had their suspicions, some were genuinely taken for a ride. The ceremony was great and the whole vibe of the event was happy and positive. It was far from your standard Southern wedding. If you are from the South, you know all about the “Canon in D,” lots of bridesmaids, hung-over groomsmen, and too many adults trying to get “a little bit softer now” at the reception. I hope I’m never trying to “get a little bit louder now” if I have a daughter who gets married one day. There’s just something about the song “Shout” that I never really got, and yes, I’ve seen (and like) Animal House.

To say the least, the wedding was unique, and my brother and new sister-in-law are without doubt unique individuals. We partied Saturday night, and one of their friends played some music, and my brother even sang a song to his new wife. I really do wish the best for them and believe they’ve just begun a long life together.

So the question now is, how does this relate to diabetes? Well I’ll tell you how, and no it’s not the moment I let my younger brother Reeves borrow my FlexPen at the reception because he was a little high. (Though that was a bonding moment, and I now know the feeling of gratification one gets from sharing a needle.) The other highlight of my weekend occurred on Friday night.

After going out to a nice dinner with Curt and my soon-to-be new family, I went back to the hotel room with him for a nightcap of red wine, and a few friends stopped by. One of our old college friends brought along a new buddy of his, and guess what? He was a pharmaceutical rep who specialized in what, that’s right, diabetes supplies. Jackpot!!

You would have thought I’d met Santa Claus himself, but oh no, it was way better. This dude may be able to hook me up with some free test strips. Those are like gold for an old Type 1 like me. We will see what the future has to bring, and if he decides to send any free samples my way I promise I won’t object. If you’re reading this—and you know who you are—check your e-mail for my address.

Once again, if you’re in NYC next Wednesday night, come to Sin-é at Attorney and Stanton on the Lower East Side to see me perform, and maybe offend you, live.

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