Country Star Eric Paslay Visits Kids With Diabetes From Joslin

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Country Star Eric Paslay Visits Kids With Diabetes From Joslin

(Danielle Handler poses with Eric Paslay. Photo courtesy of Joslin Diabetes Center)

A lucky group of young people living with Type 1 diabetes and being treated at Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston recently had the opportunity to meet with country star Eric Paslay, then attend his Angels in This Town Tour at the House of Blues, courtesy of continuous glucose monitor (CGM) manufacturer Dexcom.

Paslay was diagnosed with Type 1 himself at age 10 and wanted to be an endocrinologist until he was about 18, when he decided to pursue a music career instead. He keeps a glass of orange juice with him on stage in case his blood sugar levels drop while he’s performing and is backed up by his wife and the rest of his team, who remotely monitor his glucose levels during shows.

Before attending the concert, the group had the chance to talk with Paslay about their shared experiences living with Type 1 diabetes as teens, and Paslay even compared glucose numbers with a girl who had the same Dexcom monitor as him.

“We are truly blown away by Eric’s kindness,” said Dr. Michelle Katz of Joslin Diabetes Center. “His willingness to spend one-on-one time with our young patients and really bond with them about his own experiences with Type 1 diabetes meant so much to them and all of us here at Joslin Diabetes Center who devote our lives to finding a cure.”

This blog entry was written by Senior Digital Editor Diane Fennell.

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