Diabetes UnConference in Atlantic City Happening Soon

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Diabetes UnConference in Atlantic City Happening Soon

Looking for some peer support to face the day-to-day difficulties of living with diabetes? Then you’ll want to attend the 2016 Atlantic City Diabetes UnConference, coming up next week at the Resorts Casino Hotel.

The Diabetes UnConference is a peer-to-peer support conference that “allows participants to create and moderate the agenda, allowing for a wide variety of topics and viewpoints that might never be covered in a traditional conference.” Attendees may have Type 1, Type 2, LADA (Type 1.5), or any other type of diabetes. The agenda is created based on the needs and wants of the participants leading up to the conference, and may cover topics including depression, discrimination, sex, diabetes burnout, getting inspired to exercise, family, financial issues, and hypoglycemia treatments. There are also special sessions for caregivers to talk about how diabetes impacts their lives, covering topics such as dealing with hypoglycemia, burnout, fears, being supportive without policing, and more.

The conference runs from September 9–11 at the Resorts Casino Hotel. Friday morning and afternoon involve a variety of pre-conference sessions, while Friday evening is a special meet and greet for attendees. Saturday morning consists of a “get to know you session” and the creation of a conference agenda based on the ideas and suggestions from the attendees. The agenda will be followed throughout Saturday and Sunday with breaks for meals, and the conference will officially wrap up on Sunday afternoon.

The cost to register for the meeting is $159, excluding hotel and travel, for people with diabetes, as well as for spouses or other loved ones who wish to attend. Registration includes access to the Friday night special event, the Saturday and Sunday program, and food and beverages for a portion of the conference. Rooms can be reserved at the Resorts Casino Hotel for a special conference rate.

For more information, visit the Diabetes UnConference website.

This blog entry was written by Senior Digital Editor Diane Fennell.

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