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Another week has flown by, and my friend Murray and I have been busy trying to write, record, and mix a new song for We finished late last night after a bunch of revisions from the network and we will spend all of today and tomorrow getting props, permits, organizing crew, figuring out the schedule, and hopefully purchasing mariachi suits. All of the hard work will be worth it if Murray and I own mariachi suits at the end of the day.

Speaking of which, it’s a gorgeous rainy day in New York City, so it should be wonderful to get out in the car and run errands. But with so much work to do this week, I’ve been unable to keep up with my normal exercise schedule. I typically like to work out three times a week, but this week I’ve missed every day. I did take a 30-minute walk with my wife after dinner two nights ago, but that’s not the same as an hour-long workout.

Regular exercise not only gives me more energy, but it is also is an awesome controller of blood glucose levels. I find that on days when I don’t exercise, my blood glucose can be a bit more erratic on days that I do.

I think that maybe today I’ll try and sprint everywhere I go. Though it would look a little fishy in department stores and office buildings, it would be good exercise and I don’t think too many people would ask questions. I find it rare that anyone ever stops a person who is sprinting to ask them what they are doing. You just assume that the person is in a hurry and has something very important to get to or you fall in line behind him and end up running up the steps of a building in Philadelphia with Sylvester Stallone.

Well, if you happen to be in New York today and see a young man sprinting from the mariachi section to the bubble bath section of a costume store, feel free to assume that that person has diabetes and is suffering from exercise withdrawal. I hope to get back into my routine after this weekend and I’m guaranteed a little bit of exercise this Sunday. I’m part of a bocce league that plays every Sunday and I think it is safe to say that you get at least as much exercise playing bocce as you do playing Trivial Pursuit.

If anyone else out there is going through exercise withdrawal, stretch really well this morning and then try sprinting everywhere you go. Tell people who stop and ask you what you’re doing that sprinting is the new walking and that you have diabetes. Finally, a D card callback. I’ll report my numbers next week.

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