A Fall Mediterranean Menu

The health benefits of the Mediterranean diet[1] — the U.S. News & World Report[2] best diet for 2019 — are well known, from lowering risk of heart attack and stroke to decreasing Alzheimer’s risk[3] to improving diabetes control. These four authentic Mediterranean dishes are perfect for the autumn and can help you fall into a new style of eating this season!

Low-Carb Mediterranean Tuna Cups

Low-Carb Mediterranean Tuna Cups

Hosting a big dinner party? These tuna cups make the perfect passed appetizer and only require a few simple steps to assemble. Packed with protein, tantalizing spices, and smooth Greek yogurt, these tiny cups are sure-fire crowd pleasers that pair well with any main meal. Get the Low-Carb Mediterranean Tuna Cups recipe >>

Looking for additional diabetes-friendly dishes? Check out our library of more than 900 recipes[4]!

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