Good-bye, and a Surprise Ending

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This week in diabetes, I say good-bye to my Diabetes Self-Management blog. I’ve been writing weekly now for about a year, and for those who read regularly and commented, thanks. I hope you learned and laughed a little at some of my insights—or lack thereof. It certainly is an ongoing process.

As I looked back at my blog, I thought that it’s funny how much you can learn about someone without ever having to meet them. Five hundred words a week can tell a lot about a person. I would like to personally thank the editors of the site, as they do a good job. Most of what I turn in is usually letters that are then arranged to make sense. This—”iiolbmvwlfrerild!eyo”— after the edit reads “I love Wilford Brimley!” Notice the exclamation mark. It means I’m serious or screaming it.

Enough with the reflections—let’s talk about the only thing we know for sure, the future. I’m headed to Montreal next week for the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival and then I leave for Edinburgh for the month of August for the Fringe Festival. I’m fully stocked on diabetes supplies and am rather excited about my trip through the security line at the airport. Depending on which pocket of my Diabetes/Jack Bauer Man-Purse they check, I could look like a) a drug addict with 50 needles and small vials of a clear substance, b) a glucose tab abuser—which I find really attractive, or c) a pharmaceutical rep for OneTouch Ultra test strips. Any of three would be an honor.

If something really crazy or funny happens at either of the festivals and I think the diabetes world should know about it, I will post it here. Otherwise, the best way to keep up with what I’m up to is through Hopefully, the next two months will bring us a bit of success. I think that, after seven years of performing together, our show is as tight as it’s going to get.

This September and October, I’m planning to return to Alabama to make a movie I wrote with a few friends about two years ago. I’m going to play a supporting role in the movie and my character, Rusty, has diabetes. Finally a person with diabetes playing a person with diabetes—oh, the realism! (However, I must confess that Rusty is not a very good patient.) It should be a fun, educational experience, and I think that we will make a really funny weird movie. Is there any other kind of movie can you make in Alabama?

That’s my life in a nutshell over the next four months, and I’ve enjoyed sharing the last year with you readers. As I leave the blogosphere, I feel I should leave behind a cyber-epitaph. I feel like I’m really breaking new ground here with that word. So if you take nothing else from my blog or me, take this:

‘Twas the 25th of December
I became a lifelong member
The birthday of Jesus
Diagnosed with di-a-beat-us (Wilford Brimley pronunciation)
I remember the 25th of December.

Wow, what a surprise! A limerick? Edward Lear would be proud. Until then. Good-bye.

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