High School and Gardens and Meeting Stuff, Oh My!

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How about a “this-n-that” blog entry today? I have all of these little tidbits floating around in my head that need swept out. Maybe then I can think better!

I took my granddaughter (my pet name for her is Blondie) and a friend of hers to lunch and back-to-school shopping last week. Blondie had a bit of a problem getting her act together the first couple of years of high school. She should have graduated this year, but doesn’t have all of the credits she needs, so it’s back to school she goes. Her friend dropped out last year and decided to return to school.

Both are to be commended for continuing to slog on. In fact, all of us who continue to slog on — whether it be slogging through another year of high school or another hour, day, week, year, or lifetime with diabetes deserve a high five. As do the ones who take care of us. There are times I don’t think I could have kept on going without the support of my husband (of 37 years last Wednesday, by the way).


My garden is pretty much history. I forget what word the weather wonks use for worse than “severe” when it comes to the drought, but we’re in it. Despite much watering, it apparently was just too hot. My pole beans got about one foot tall — and quit. Tomatoes get blossoms, but they don’t set. I’ve not seen one blossom on a pepper plant. Cucumbers are coming in, but not enough at a time for pickles. At least they taste good. Eggplants got about egg-sized — then stopped growing.

My Sweet Baboo continues to water the garden for me. I can’t get to it at the moment because we’re having a new roof put on the house and the roofers put their materials in just the “right” place to prevent me from getting to the garden. Now that the temperatures are cooler, I would like to plant some more beans. And I still need to plant carrots. They’ll be OK in the fall. If they grow.


While at AADE, I ran into a product called “Beanitos.” They’re snack chips made from beans, and they come in four flavors: black bean, pinto bean and flax, black bean with chipotle barbeque, and pinto bean and flax with cheddar cheese.

Just for you, I sampled each and every flavor and have just one thing to say: YUM!

They’re gluten-free, corn-free, wheat-free, soy-free. They’re high-fiber. And they’re kosher.

If you go to, you can find out where they’re being sold in your area. Or you can order online. I may beg the independent grocer who owns my favorite grocery store here to order some. Otherwise, it’s off to Indianapolis I go. (I dislike filling out all of that information online.)


I found the cutest little blood glucose meter! It’s called the Pogo…and it’s still mired inside the US Food and Drug Administration, where it’s been for about 14 months now. One of these years they may set it free.

Anyway, it’s cute because it has all of these covers: animals for kids (or the young-at-heart), location-specific covers such as a black-and-white checkered flag for Indianapolis (you’ve heard of the Indy 500, haven’t you?), the Liberty Bell for Philadelphia, plain ol’ pretty stuff like flowers…stuff like that.

It’s useful because it incorporates all you need to prick and check your blood glucose in a little drum. All you do is press your finger against an indented area and it gets the blood, samples it, and gives you your number in 4 seconds. No poker or strips to carry.

If it only talked, it would be perfect for blind and vision-impaired folks, but the company says that’s coming in the next version. In the meantime, for us sighted folks, I can see being able to check in the car without stopping to pull over. Maybe somebody riding with you can read the number for you.


As for me, the BGs are settling down a bit, so that’s good. Not too high and not too low is a good place to be. I did have occasion to try a Quick Sticks, mentioned in my blog last week. I downed the watermelon flavor. It’s not bad, but I still prefer Level Life. I’ve now tried the mandarin orange and the strawberry-banana, and both are very tasty. It’s like somebody actually paid attention to the flavors.

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