Kentucky Attorney General Sues Insulin Makers Over Pricing

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Insulin Makers Sued Over Pricing

On the heels of recent hearings on Capitol Hill looking into the pricing practices for insulin, Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear has sued the three major insulin manufacturers in the United States.

Kentucky has the seventh-highest rate of diabetes in the country, with more than 15% of the state’s population living with the condition.

The lawsuit states that the cost of insulin has increased at least 10 times since 2008, with the average price now at nearly $300.

Those who are uninsured, who have high-deductible heath plans or who are receiving Medicare Part D have the most difficulty paying for the medicine, the lawsuit contends.

“It is truly heartbreaking that Kentuckians are suffering, sometimes risking life and limb, because they cannot afford their medications,” said Beshear.

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