Raise Awareness for Kids With Type 1 Diabetes

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"Be a Kid for a Kid" to Raise Awareness for Children With Type 1 Diabetes

Hundreds of thousands of children with Type 1 diabetes worldwide don’t have access to the medical supplies they need to manage their condition. To help raise awareness of and provide resources to these children, the nonprofit organization Life for a Child (USA) Inc. has launched the social media campaign “Be a Kid for a Kid.”

Life for a Child (USA) Inc. supports diabetes centers in low-income countries and currently helps 18,000 people under age 26 living with the condition. In many cases, these young people don’t get to experience childhood the way children without diabetes do. To raise awareness for these youth, the “Be a Kid for a Kid” campaign challenges participants to the following three steps:

1. Play. Take a photo or video of yourself acting like a kid — whatever game, activity, or memory brings you back to your childhood is welcome.

2. Post. Post your photo or video on social media sites and use the following customizable text to encourage others to participate: “In support of children and youth in less resourced countries, who have Type 1 diabetes, I was challenged to #BeAKidForAKid. Here’s me [activity], one of my favorite childhood activities. I challenge ____, ____ and ____ to join me and help bring awareness to this wonderful cause, @Life for a Child USA.”

3. Pledge. Continue to spread the word and make a donation to help Life for a Child (USA) Inc. bring much needed resources to children with diabetes in developing countries.

“There are approximately 115,000 children in developing countries with Type 1 diabetes who are still not receiving the medicine and care they need,” noted Larry Deeb, president of Life for a Child (USA) Inc. “They need more than insulin — they also need blood glucose tests and educational materials to help them learn how to manage their disease. Our goal for the ‘Be a Kid for a Kid’ campaign is to encourage online communities throughout the U.S. to raise awareness for the youth who still need these supplies, and help us provide the resources needed to properly treat Type 1 diabetes.”

To learn more about the campaign, and to join the challenge, visit the Life for a Child website.

This blog entry was written by Senior Digital Editor Diane Fennell.

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