My Diabetes? Oh, It Has Its Ups and Downs

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Where was my blog entry last week? Well, the spirit was willing, but the brain it was dead. As in, I was having a bad low glucose night and day and was pretty much incapable of forming a coherent sentence. Anything I did write was along the lines of: “See Jan stare. Stare, Jan, stare.”

Ironically, my entry was going to be about my sucky HbA1c, which came in at 8% when I saw my endocrinologist on July 12. Granted, that was down from 8.4%, but it wasn’t in the 6th percentile where I’m more accustomed to being.

Maybe it was just too much to think about writing about running too high when I couldn’t seem to rid myself of running too low.

A couple of nights before I saw my endocrinologist, my glucose had been in the 40s for some time. I have a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), but didn’t hear the alarm. Doc immediately saw it on the graph I had downloaded from the CGM and had me lower the corresponding basal rates.

That should have taken care of the problem, right? Wrong, OJ breath! After, oh, two, three days — about blog-writing time — I was running low night and day. No, I did NOT think about lowering my basal rates. As I’ve said before, just when you really need to use your brain, it isn’t functioning.

A note to my endocrinologist brought more basal adjustments. Right now, my daytime glucose is running pretty much OK as long as I eat my meals, and overnights are up to the 60s. I’ve asked for an intensive glucose log to fill out to help the doc help me get my rates straightened out.

The problem with that is, as soon as you get one thing worked out with diabetes, something else goes south. One thing you can say: Diabetes is never dull!

It is my good fortune to have a wonderful endocrinologist. I see so many comments from people whose doctors are unresponsive, who don’t look at their logs, who don’t help them, that I recognize what a jewel I have.

Now about that sucky HbA1c: My glucose patterns indicate I’ve gotten real slack in the evenings. Dinner is the meal I’m most likely to eat “off the grid.” That is, we’ll go out, my husband will pick something up on his way home, or we’ll make something easy like pasta.

And, then, there’s the tendency to snack during the evening.

We’ve gotten lazy, and it isn’t good for my Sweet Baboo, either, who also has Type 2 diabetes.

Looks like it’s time to hit the farmer’s market for fresh veggies while awaiting our homegrown produce to come in. (So far, we have three baby eggplants. Grow, babies, grow!)

Baboo can pick up rotisserie chicken instead of fried, and we can have lots of veggies to go with it. Or just veggies and skip the meat. I can deal with that, especially when there’s nice, fresh corn, beans, tomatoes, eggplants, and such out there.

Is it dinnertime yet?

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