National Diabetes Month, Week 1: Caregivers

November is National Diabetes Month, which also incorporates World Diabetes Day on November 14. It’s a month dedicated to raising awareness about diabetes and advocating for its prevention, cure, and management. Events are scheduled around the country and the world—keep any eye out for happenings in your area, or enter your ZIP code into the "Local Events & Information" box on the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) home page[1].

This year, the ADA’s theme for National Diabetes Month is “Many Faces of Diabetes.” For each week of November, the ADA is focusing on bringing a different “face” of diabetes to light. You can learn more about this campaign by visiting[2].

Over the coming weeks, will also share its wealth of information on the themes of this year’s National Diabetes Month. The theme for the first week (November 1–3) is “Caregivers,” focusing on the people who provide care and companionship for those living with diabetes. is happy to be able to share the following resources for these important people, who support people with diabetes in many important ways:

Next week, we’ll discuss the “face of diabetes” in the workplace.

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