Easy Low-Carb Diabetic Recipes

When it comes to eating low-carb, Diabetes Self-Management[1] has you covered. As chosen by readers, here are our top seven low-carb recipes. From meatloaf to bread pudding to “potato” salad, this list is sure to provide the perfect inspiration for your menu.

Diabetic recipes - Avocado Smash[2]

1. Avocado Smash

Our low-carb Avocado Smash takes guacamole to a whole new level. This indulgent recipe combines avocado, lime juice, Greek yogurt, and Dijon mustard for an out-of-this-world dip for raw veggies such as cucumber slices, celery sticks, or red bell pepper strips. Get the recipe >>[3]

Diabetic recipes - Crustless Asparagus and Ham Quiche[4]

2. Crustless Ham and Asparagus Quiche

Enjoy the richness of your favorite quiche and leave the carb-loaded crust behind. This low-carb and scrumptious egg-inspired dish delivers two things: golden crispiness on the outside and 100 percent delectable flavor on the inside. Read more >>[5]

Diabetic recipes - Vegetable-Chicken Noodle Soup[6]

3. Vegetable Chicken-Noodle Soup

This simple low-carb Vegetable-Chicken Noodle Soup is chock full of veggies — and flavor. Serve with the Cheddar & Onion Drop Biscuits below to sop up every last drop. Read more >>[7]

Diabetic recipes - Bread Pudding Snacks[8]

4. Bread Pudding Snacks

These scrumptious Bread Pudding Snacks deliver classic flavor without all the carbohydrate. This low-carb recipe is easy to prepare and yields 12 servings, making it a perfect dessert for a festive get-together at this time of year. Learn how to prepare >>[9]

Diabetic recipes - Authentic Meatloaf[10]

5. Authentic Meatloaf

This low-carb Authentic Meatloaf delivers a taste of home cooking at this family-centric time of year. This classic recipe is kicked up a notch by adding chunky salsa. Read more >>[11]

Diabetic recipes - Apricot Dessert Soufflé[12]

6. Apricot Dessert Souffle

Top off your soirée with this delectable low-carb Apricot Dessert Soufflé. Both delicate and indulgent, this seasonal dessert is the perfect nightcap for any summer meal spent outdoors with friends. This delightful dish is all about timing, so make sure you serve immediately from the oven when puffed and golden brown! Get the recipe >>[13]

Diabetic recipes - Low-Carb Cauliflower "Potato" Salad for Diabetics[14]

7. Low-Carb Cauliflower “Potato” Salad

Potato salad is a popular picnic staple, but traditional versions of this side are typically packed with carbohydrate, salt, and fat. There’s no need to feel deprived, though, with our homemade recipe. Using a special ingredient in place of potatoes keeps the carbs to just 9 grams per serving, and your taste buds will never know the difference! Learn more >>[15]

For more healthy and easy-to-prepare diabetes-friendly recipes, visit Diabetes Self-Management[16]’s Diabetic Cooking[17].

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