“Safe at School” Diabetes Workshops in Maryland

If you have a child with diabetes and live in the Maryland area, be sure to check out the upcoming “Safe at School” parent workshops organized by the American Diabetes Association.

The workshops, which are taking place throughout the month of September, will outline the “resources and protection you have for your child’s diabetes care while they are in school.” Topics covered will include how federal laws protect children with diabetes in school, how Maryland laws could hinder access to care, and more.

Upcoming workshops will be taking place in Hagerstown on September 18, Centreville on September 19, and Silver Spring on September 30. For exact times and locations, visit the website of the American Diabetes Association[1]. And for more information, contact Abe Saffer at asaffer@diabetes.org[2] or (703) 549-1500, extension 1461.

This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.

  1. American Diabetes Association: http://www.diabetes.org/advocacy/news-events/md-sas.html
  2. asaffer@diabetes.org: mailto:asaffer@diabetes.org

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