Stressful Times are a-Comin’

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Hoo-boy, it’s getting busy around here! It began Monday morning with a call out of the blue from a flooring place wanting to make an appointment to measure the kitchen. Huh? An explanation quickly followed with a call from the contractor’s office saying workers would begin work on the bathroom this coming Monday. At 8 AM.

(What does the kitchen floor have to do with a bathroom renovation, you ask? Well, the bathroom needs new flooring, the half bath needs new flooring, the kitchen needs new flooring… So as long as the flooring people are here, why not do it all?)

Anyway, the full bath needs to be totally cleared out because it’s basically going to be gutted and put back together. And everything needs to be cleared from the kitchen floor — which isn’t much — but the two hallways leading from the kitchen have freestanding shelving full of stuff (cookbooks, small appliances, etc.). I have no idea where we’ll put all of the chazerai, but put it somewhere we must.

Next up, what will we do with the cats? We have six cats and two kittens. While the cats kind of go in and out, I’m sure the workers don’t want them underfoot. And I don’t want the kittens going out. We’ll be here to take care of the cat situation most of the time, but we’re going out of town for a few days at the end of next week for a family vacation. (That’s when the current bathtub gets removed and the new one installed. Great scheduling, huh?)

And, most of all, did I choose the right colors and materials? Can’t contractors have a designer on site to help with these things? It’s not my forte.

I’m in the throes of finishing up the outline for my talk to the Home Builders Association. Thanks for all of your help. It was very useful. My plans are to put together a handout with links to some sites and some pictures, plus a quote here and there. However, my printer isn’t working and I don’t know how to insert photos in my word processing programming. (I guess I should find out, huh?)

I’ll have one day in between our family vacation and my trip to Las Vegas to attend the annual meeting of the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE). I’ve decided that, since they require two different wardrobes, I can pack for both trips before leaving for the first one. So that’s on the agenda for the next week, too.

And, hopefully, I’ll have my permanent leg before I leave town. I’ll need it to get to my seat in Row 26 of the airplane to Vegas! Yes, I’m finally — in between surgeries and recoveries — getting my permanent leg. It took a while to get the whatever-you-call-it — the leg they use as a pattern for the permanent one — adjusted because I often wasn’t well enough to go in to see the prosthetist. But we finally got it to where I was walking easily and it didn’t hurt. YAY!

Oh, yeah. There’s also the calendar that needs to be finished by September. It’s a Sisterhood (a Jewish women’s group) fundraiser thing we do every year. Well, mostly me. The ladies contribute recipes, there’s a photo day with the completed dishes and all that stuff. This year, we’re planning to have a “calendar tasting” on the day the photos are taken as a little value-added thing. One problem: We haven’t met to go over recipes yet.

Busy, busy, busy. Stress, stress, stress. So how’s my glucose doing through all of this? Not too bad. I attribute that to a lack of infections and a plethora of knowledge about diabetes. As long as my basal rates are set properly, I know what I’m eating, and my body isn’t stressed, I seem to do OK. Emotional stress doesn’t seem to bother me much, except that I tend to stress eat. And I don’t mean low-carb food. (On the other hand, I also know how to lower my glucose when it goes high.)

So the next few weeks are going to be “interesting.” Maybe I should stock up on asparagus and stuff like that. Although the garden is coming in. We’re already getting tomatoes and eggplant, beans aren’t far away, and turnips will be along eventually. In the meantime, the turnips need to be thinned and turnip greens are good.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go read some recipes.

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