Survey for Adults With Type 1 Diabetes

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Survey for Adults With Type 1 Diabetes

Are you an adult with Type 1 diabetes who’s been in a romantic relationship for at least six months? If so, you may be interested in an online survey being conducted by researchers at Texas Tech University.

The study will “explore young adults with Type 1 diabetes’ perceptions of their relationships with partners and family members and their views on their physical health.” Eligible participants are those who were diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at least one year ago, are between 18 and 35 years old, have been in a dating, cohabitating, or marital relationship for at least six months, live in the United States, and live independently of their parents or guardians.

Those who complete the roughly 20-minute survey will have the opportunity to enter contact information for a 1 in 40 chance of winning one of five $10 Amazon gift cards.

The survey is anonymous, and any contact information provided to enter the drawing for the Amazon gift cards will be stored separately from the anonymous survey data.

For more information, contact Alex Schmidt, MS, or Nicole Springer, PhD, of the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at Texas Tech University at or, respectively. And to take the survey, click here.

This blog entry was written by Senior Digital Editor Diane Fennell.

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