T1D Exchange Registry Seeks Type 1 Diabetes Patients for New Research

A research group is seeking information from people with type 1 diabetes[1] to develop new treatments and possibly inform decisions on national diabetes policy.

Known as the T1D Exchange Registry[2], the online platform is open to patients from all walks of life, races, genders and ethnic groups. Participants must be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes[3], live in the United States and are prescribed insulin[4].

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The registry was launched by T1D Exchange[6]. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the research group’s mission is to accelerate the development of therapies and improve care for those who are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

According to the non-profit, the online registry is designed to provide easy access for anyone. By making it simple for people from a variety of demographics to participate, the hope is that the information gathered will provide a better understanding of underrepresented groups with type 1 diabetes. “The T1D Exchange Registry is a way[7] for you to participate in research that may make a difference in the treatment and care of type 1 diabetes. By sharing your opinions, experiences, and data, you will help create the most comprehensive data set of those diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in the United States, advancing meaningful treatment, care, and policy.”

To participate in the research, patients must create an account and give consent online, via the T1D Exchange registry’s website. Then patients will answer a series of questions regarding their health. Following that, participants will be asked to check in annually and give updates on their health over the previous year. All information submitted will be encrypted for privacy. Also, anyone participating could be asked to participate in additional studies by sharing data collected from participants’ health devices.

For more information on the T1D Exchange or to sign up, click here.[8]

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Matthew Bernat

Matthew Bernat is an Associate Editor at Diabetes Self-Management.

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