Welcome to Miami (Bienvenidos a Miami)

Last week I mentioned that I’d be traveling to Miami Beach for a work conference. Well, here I am. It’s Wednesday night and I’m sitting in a hotel room after two days of conferencing with one more to go. (Actually it’s only been one-and-a-half days of conferencing thus far. Tuesday’s convention was cut short by the large power outage that hit Florida in the afternoon).

For better or worse, I’m not in as much of a narrative mode about traveling with my diabetes[1] as I thought I would be. Travel fatigue, I suppose. Here I was all set to provide you with some grand insight into what it was like for me as a first-time diabetic on an airline with my insulin pump[2] and other diabetes accoutrement. But quite honestly, the first three days and nights here have been, thus far, rather boring.

So instead, how about a few musings in a nonnarrative fashion:

I’ve yet to have a severe hypoglycemic[4] episode, so I can’t help but fixate (just a little) on what my reaction to such an episode would be: Would I wake up on the way down? Sure, I have a colleague two floors up on the other side of the hotel, but would I be coherent enough to call her if I woke up? Would I be coherent enough to dial the front desk? Would I even know where I was?

Next Monday when I’m back in Michigan I’m going to meet a DexCom representative and have a trial of their continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for a week. Yep, it’s time for me to try one out. I’ll share the details of that meeting and what I’ve experienced thus far.

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