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For a family with a child who has just learned he has diabetes, the first 30 days after diagnosis may at times seem overwhelming. There are new habits to be incorporated into the daily routine, health-care providers to be visited, and caregivers to be informed. And on top of all this, there are likely to be powerful emotions that need to be acknowledged and processed.

Recognizing the need for resources to assist people in this situation, the online diabetes community Children with Diabetes has paired up with pharmaceutical company Sanofi-aventis to create the diabetes KidCare Kit, a multimedia guide for handling the first 30 days after a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes. According to the Close Concerns Weblog, the kit contains “Quick Cards” with basic information about diabetes, monitoring blood glucose, and insulin dosing. The KidCare Kit also includes a “Calorie King” carbohydrate counting book; a DVD featuring families and caregivers of children with diabetes, as well as diabetes nurse educators and physicians, providing advice and words of support; and customizable “Give One” cards that can be filled out with important information and provided to a child’s caregivers.

The kits are available, at no charge, from participating hospitals and doctors’ offices nationwide. Families needing extra “Give One” cards can download them and print them out at

For more information on the KidCare Kit, see the press release on the Sanofi-aventis Web site.

This blog entry was written by Diane Fennell, Associate Editor of Diabetes Self-Management magazine.

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