What We’re Reading: Finding a Doctor Who Listens

As someone who has diabetes, you probably have trips to the physician’s office down to a science. You pack up your logbook, write up your list of issues to discuss with the doctor, and make sure to take off your shoes and socks for a foot inspection before the doctor even enters the room. But once he’s there, what if you find that, although he’s hearing you, he isn’t really listening to what you have to say?

According to an article[1] by dLife author Ilene Raymond Rush, many people encounter this situation when they visit their health-care provider. She recounts the words of an elderly aunt who lamented, “Doctors don’t listen once you reach a certain age.” And she notes that this type of situation can be particularly devastating for the newly diagnosed, for whom the change in lifestyle required for managing diabetes may seem overwhelming.

Although she admits that everyone’s criteria are a little different, Raymond Rush offers the following three qualities she looks for when seeking a physician:

Have you ever felt like your doctor wasn’t really listening to your concerns? What qualities do you look for in a physician? Let us know with a comment below. Then check out our article “Questions For Your Doctor”[2] for questions you can ask your doctor to help ensure quality health-care.

This blog entry was written by Assistant Editor Diane Fennell.

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