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If you were recently diagnosed with diabetes, or if a loved one was, your mind is probably racing with questions about the condition. Questions such as: What is the role of insulin? How is the pancreas involved? Where does glucose factor in? Are there different kinds of diabetes?

For people looking to understand these and other basic facts about diabetes, Diabetes UK, the British diabetes association, has created an educational video packed with diabetes information. As noted by Cherie Burbach on the health and lifestyle Web site Blisstree, the video helps combat the idea that developing diabetes is simply a matter of being overweight or out of shape. Using animated illustrations of the bloodstream, pancreas, liver, and other relevant body parts, the video explores a variety of topics, including the distinctions between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, how glucose is processed in people with and without diabetes, the mechanisms involved in causing the condition, and the typical symptoms of diabetes.

The video, along with numerous other informational health clips, can be accessed directly on the video-sharing Web site YouTube. And once you’re done watching, be sure to come back here and check out “What Is Diabetes?” for more information about this condition.

This blog entry was written by Diane Fennell, Associate Editor of Diabetes Self-Management magazine.

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