World Diabetes Day Blue Monument Challenge

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World Diabetes Day, introduced by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in 1991 to raise global awareness of the condition, is coming up on November 14, and the IDF is seeking everyone’s help marking the occasion through the Blue Monument Challenge.

Since 2007, more than 1,000 monuments and buildings in over 80 countries have been lit blue for diabetes, from New York City’s Empire State Building to London’s Eye to Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid. As the IDF notes, “the lightings are testimony to the power of our combined efforts to alter the diabetes landscape and provide a strong visual element to attract attention to the diabetes cause.”

So where do you come in? By choosing a local landmark you’d like to see lit in blue and contacting the appropriate authorities to make it happen! The IDF provides all the information you need to execute the plan, from a step-by-step guide to requesting and organizing a lighting to a draft letter you can send to the officials in question.

For full information on how to set up a lighting in your city or town, and to view a Blue Monument Challenge photo gallery from years past, click here.

This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.

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