You Can Do This Project: Diabetes and Celiac Disease

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May is dedicated to increasing awareness of celiac disease, a chronic autoimmune condition that renders the small intestine incapable of tolerating the protein gluten, which is found in certain grains. The only treatment for the condition is lifelong adherence to a gluten-free diet.

Although only about 1% of the general population lives with celiac disease, approximately 10% of people with Type 1 diabetes have the disorder. So what is it like to live with both Type 1 and celiac? A new video from the You Can Do This Project, a “grassroots video movement, created by and for people with diabetes, that provides validation, hope, and encouragement through honest talk,” shares tips and insights from people who are doing just that. Hear the stories of their diagnoses, how they balance living with both conditions, what they find most challenging about living with celiac disease and diabetes, and more.

To see the video, click here. To learn more about the gluten-free diet, check out our sister site, Gluten-Free Living. And for more information managing diabetes and celiac disease, see the article “What You Should Know About Celiac Disease.”

This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.

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