YouTube, Diabetes, and a Story

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In my free time, which I haven’t had much of lately, I like to catch up on what I’ve missed on television through the wonders of If you’re not a fan of YouTube or have never visited the site but are looking for a reason to go, well, here’s one, especially if you have diabetes. This video has been out for quite some time now and is worth a screening for all of you who are Wilford Brimley fans, like myself.

As soon as I got my daily viewing of Wilford out of the way, I typed the word “diabetes” into the search field to see what the wonderful world of YouTube would have to offer. You get everything from a foreign educational video in a language that no one seems to recognize to kids and adults talking about diabetes seriously and jokingly. It is pretty amazing. Some of the stories and information people are willing to share can actually be beneficial to the viewer. You can find out how a pump works, hear a British man’s sad tale of diagnosis, or see a woman speak out for more government money for research. It’s crazy to think that all of this can be viewed from your computer. Plus, hearing an open dialogue about diabetes is sometimes more comforting than reading one. You get pitch, tone, and inflection, as opposed to just text.

I plan to make a video about my experiences with diabetes someday, I’m just not sure when. I’d like to do a funny one, a sad one, and maybe one that’s a little “out there.” One story that comes to mind is what my brother Reeves and I have been doing lately. We both have diabetes, but live in separate cities and treat our diabetes differently. I use the NovoLog FlexPen and Lantus, while he is a 70/30 InnoLet man. However, when his blood glucose gets high, he will use the FlexPen, and he also takes a small amount of Lantus to keep his blood glucose levels steady.

This Christmas when I go home, I’m going to trade him a couple of FlexPens for a bottle of Lantus and 25 test strips. It’s like we’re kids again, trading baseball cards or monopoly properties or playing some sort of diabetes Go Fish card game. Do you have any NovoLog? Nope, I just switched to Humalog, go fish.

I’m looking forward to our Texas Hold’em tournament at the diabetes center—hopefully I can get a couple of sponsors.

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