Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth With Low-Calorie Sweeteners: Part 1

Not too long ago, people with diabetes were told to avoid sugar. Sugar was pretty much seen as the downfall of diabetes; in fact, many people thought that eating sugar actually caused diabetes. We know now that isn’t true. Eating sugar doesn’t cause diabetes, nor does eating sugar (or something sweet) necessarily cause your blood glucose to rise any further or faster than eating another carbohydrate food, such as a piece of bread or an apple. (Remember, it’s the total amount of carb you eat that impacts your blood glucose, rather than the type of carb you eat.) Read More “Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth With Low-Calorie Sweeteners: Part 1”

Meal Planning 101

As a dietitian and diabetes educator, some of the  comments I’ve repeatedly heard from many people with diabetes over the years are "I need a diabetic diet" and "I can’t figure out those exchanges. Just tell me what to eat." It’s true that meal planning can be challenging when you have diabetes. The good news, though, is that meal planning has changed quite a bit over the years. In fact, there’s no such thing as a "diabetic diet" anymore. The best "diet" for you is one that is flexible enough to fit in with your lifestyle and help you control your blood glucose levels. In fact, there are many different ways to help you eat and manage your diabetes at the same time. This week, we’ll explore a couple of different meal planning methods that are available.  Next week, we’ll look at some more. Read More “Meal Planning 101”

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