On the Road Again (Part 1)

In a few days, I’ll be hitting the road on a short tour playing music. We’ll be starting off in Philadelphia heading west through Tennessee and Chicago to Colorado, and returning home through Ohio and central Pennsylvania. In all, I’ll be on the road for two weeks, and I thought it might be interesting to keep a journal of sorts to share with readers… Read More “On the Road Again (Part 1)”

Not Another Thanksgiving Blog!

Yep, it’s another Thanksgiving blog. I know, I’m getting a little tired of the phrase, “I’m most thankful for…” too. Not that it’s a bad phrase, mind you. Giving thanks is a wonderful thing to do, something we probably ought to do more of. It’s just that it becomes like a jingle you’ve heard over and over and over again — after a while, it just starts to lose meaning… Read More “Not Another Thanksgiving Blog!”

You’ve Had an Episode (Part 1)

A few years ago, when I was working full-time as a social worker (instead of being a part-time social worker, part-time music teacher, part-time musician, and weekly blogger… why exactly did I switch?), I had a “diabetic episode.” It was terrifying, and could have been deadly if not for the quick reactions of some good Samaritans who called 911 and helped get me to the hospital… Read More “You’ve Had an Episode (Part 1)”

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