Apps for Diabetes

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Apps for Diabetes

Currently there are more than 300,000 health-related apps available, with a variety specifically developed to help with diabetes management. And, indeed, now more than ever, people are looking to technology to help them stay connected to their health care providers, interact with the wider diabetes community, and keep track of their health-related metrics. Whether you’re looking for a way to store data and create reports, integrate your health and diabetes devices, improve your sleep and mental health, or more, you can find an app to meet that need. Learn about a few in this roundup of some of the top apps that can help improve your health and diabetes care in 2021.

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Blood glucose management tracking

Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker

Azumio, Inc.

Built to track blood glucose, A1C, medications, weight, blood pressure, and carbohydrate intake, this app also provides a 12-week Diabetes Education Plan. It integrates with Dexcom and Apple devices.

mySugr — Diabetes Tracker Log

mySugr GmbH

Designed as a diabetes logbook, this app features a personalized dashboard to collect and analyze relevant diabetes data, such as carbohydrates, medications, blood glucose values, and more. It integrates with many different devices to enable automated data transfer, including some of the Accu-Chek product line.

Diabetes management companion



An app that connects with an online service and allows kids, their family, and school personnel to share realtime diabetes information. Reports are easily shared with clinicians. BlueLoop is free and used to track metrics like blood glucose, insulin, and information on meals.

iHealth Gluco-Smart

iHealth Labs, Inc.

This is the companion app to the iHealth glucometer. When the glucometer and app are synced, information on diabetes metrics and behaviors are easily logged. Historical data can be viewed for monitoring and analysis, and the app also has reminder functionality.

One Drop: Transform Your Life

One Drop

One Drop is a free, award-winning app for people with diabetes. Track glucose, meals, meds, and more. Set helpful reminders and sync health data. Subscribe to a Digital Membership to message a coach, receive AI-powered glucose predictions, and access interactive educational content.

Sugar.IQ Diabetes Assistant


Designed to work with the Guardian Connect CGM device, this iOS app helps with tracking glucose levels and assessing insulin, food, and daily routines to improve understanding of diabetes management.

Diabetes education and community connection

Beyond Type 1 Diabetes

Mighty Networks

This app is a social community for anyone impacted by type 1 diabetes, including patients, caregivers, family members, and loved ones. Find peer support, ask questions, and get connected to others. The community also offers a dedicated space for Spanish-speakers.


Eli Lilly and Company

Created to provide step-by-step guidance on administering glucagon, this app includes optional audio instructions. Users can record expiration dates of their glucagon kit to receive reminder notifications when the kit is nearing expiration.

Diabetes Self-Management

Madavor Media

Download this app to purchase the latest digital issue or digital back issues of Diabetes Self-Management magazine.

Mental and cognitive health

Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

Headspace for Meditation, Mindfulness and Sleep

Learn meditation and mindfulness skills with this app to improve stress management, sleep, and mind-body health. Features include a daily video series, Move Mode workouts, a guided meditation series for kids, and concentration-boosting music.

Lumosity: Brain Training

Lumos Labs, Inc.

This app provides fun and interactive science-based brain-training games that test memory, logic, math skills, and problem-solving capabilities. Detailed progress tracking is included. Lumosity scientists and designers also work with university researchers around the world to help with advancing the understanding of brain health.

MindDoc: Depression & Anxiety

MindDoc Health

Designed to monitor mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, this app includes personalized recommendations, psychological courses, and mindfulness exercises. It checks in on users three times a day, “learning” from responses to generate relevant insights and resources.

Health and medication

Withings Health Mate


Health Mate is a fitness, activity, and health tracker app that integrates with many of the Withings devices, including their watches, scales, blood pressure monitors, and sleep tracking mat. It provides personalized, easy-to-understand data that can be shared with your health care provider.

GoodRx: Prescription Drugs, Discounts & Coupons App


Compare prescription drug prices across pharmacies, find GoodRx pharmacy or manufacturer coupons and discounts, read savings tips, and set up refill reminders and savings alerts for your prescriptions with this app. Upgrading to GoodRx Gold provides additional savings at any participating GoodRx Gold pharmacy.

Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker — Medisafe


This app functions as a manager and pill reminder for medications, vitamins, and supplements. Additional features include the integration of metrics from other health apps, such as blood pressure or blood glucose levels, report sharing, coupons, and time zone reminders for traveling.

SLEEP Calm — Meditate, Sleep, Relax, Inc.

Guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programs, stretching exercises, and relaxing music are available through this app to help improve sleep habits. Calm meditation and sleep sessions are connected to the Apple Health app.


Bending Spoons

Establish a regular bedtime routine, listen to bedtime stories, participate in sleep meditations, or listen to relaxing sleep/white noise sounds through this app for a more restful slumber.

Sleep Cycle: Sleep Analysis and Smart Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle AB

This app includes a smart alarm clock that analyzes sleep patterns to wake you up in your lightest phase of sleep. It also detects sleep disturbances such as snoring, sleep talking, coughing, and other sounds, and provides a detailed sleep analysis. Premium upgrade features include relaxing sleep sounds and a story library.

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Alison Massey, MS, RDN, LDN, CDCES

Alison Massey, MS, RDN, LDN, CDCES

Alison Massey, MS, RDN, LDN, CDCES on social media

A Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist with over a decade of experience in various community and clinical settings, Massey is currently owner of Flourish Nutrition Therapy & Wellness, a private practice focusing on providing nutrition and diabetes education. Working with the media is Massey’s favorite way to share her wealth of nutrition and diabetes knowledge with the general public and she is often featured in various Maryland media outlets. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science from the Pennsylvania State University and Master of Science in Health Promotion from the University of Delaware.

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