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Diabetic Exchange USA


Diabetic Exchange USA

Have you ever thought about selling your diabetic supplies? Do you have extra test strips, lancets or continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) lying around? Have you wondered how much they could be worth?

Before we get started, let’s address the question everyone is wondering about…

Is it legal to sell diabetic supplies?

The answer is yes.

It is completely legal to sell diabetic test strips, lancets and CGMs.

You can sell them because they can be bought OTC (over-the-counter) at any pharmacy or store, with or without a prescription.

The only time it is illegal to sell your diabetic supplies is when they are from Medicare, Medicaid or any other government agency.

This is because it is against the law to profit off of government services.

Also, you cannot and should not sell diabetic supplies that are opened, expired, damaged, counterfeited or otherwise tampered with.

Doing so is unethical and can potentially harm others due to inaccurate readings, the chance of infection due to unclean items, improper function, etc.

Why would somebody have extra diabetic supplies?

Quite often, people with diabetes and/or pharmacies have extra products lying around.

Reasons include:

Unused free samples

Sometimes, pharmacies and companies offer free samples.

Prescription changes

If your prescription changes, you may or may not need to test as often.

Switched meter brands

Not all test strips are compatible with all meter brands.

Changed doctors/insurance companies

Diabetic supply prescriptions may change.

Have a family member with diabetes who passed away

If you know somebody who had diabetes and has passed away, you could sell their unused supplies.

A pharmacy closeout

Sometimes, pharmacies need to get rid of stock. Companies like Diabetic Exchange USA can then purchase those diabetic supplies and recirculate them.

Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is common during pregnancy and can cause irregular blood sugar levels.

Often, blood sugar levels go back to normal after delivery, and the need for diabetic test strips is no longer there.

What are the benefits of selling your diabetic supplies?

You get paid

Perhaps the most obvious reason to sell your diabetic supplies is the money!

However, you should do your due diligence to be sure that you are selling your products to a reputable company, such as Diabetic Exchange USA.

You help others

Not only do you get paid for selling your supplies, but you also help others! You take what would otherwise be trash and help diabetics in need.

You lower prices for all diabetics  

When you sell to Diabetic Exchange USA, they resell your items at below-retail prices. As we all know, retail diabetic supplies can be expensive. Each test strip can cost anywhere from $1 to $2, and they typically come in boxes of 50 to 100.

You reduce waste

By throwing out your unused or unexpired diabetic supplies, you create more waste than is necessary.

By selling them, you help those with diabetes get the much-needed use out of supplies that would have otherwise gone in the trash. Selling diabetic supplies is similar to recycling.

You eliminate clutter

Have you ever gone through your medicine cabinet, just to see all of your unused diabetic test strips, lancets or CGM supplies?

Why tolerate more clutter than is necessary? Save the space for something else!

Want to start selling?

Diabetic Exchange USA is the leading buyer of diabetic supplies.

You may be wondering, why should I sell to Diabetic Exchange USA? Why not some other company? Or that guy I met on Craigslist? What about eBay?

You want to be sure you sell to a reputable company.

Selling in-person to strangers you met on Craigslist can be very time-consuming due to having to travel; also, it is potentially dangerous. Additionally, you may not be receiving the highest prices.

Selling on eBay is time-consuming due to having to list your items and deal with customer returns/complaints. Not only that, but your items can take days, weeks or months to sell. With eBay, there is no guarantee that your items will sell for the highest possible price, or at all for that matter.

Diabetic Exchange USA offers a better way to sell your supplies.

They offer excellent customer support, free shipping, a sleek and easy-to-navigate website, and the highest payouts in the industry.

They work with diabetics nationwide and have helped thousands get paid for their unused supplies.

The whole process is contactless and their customers love them.

If you would like to start selling your diabetic supplies, or still have questions about the topic, please visit Diabetic Exchange USA.

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