Healthy Snack Recipes for Diabetics

We’ve all been there: Sitting on the couch or at our desk at work when we feel our stomachs grumble, but it’s hours before our next meal. That’s where snacks come in. If you have diabetes, choosing the right snack may be tricky. To aid you in your next search for a snack that is both nutritious and delicious, we created this slideshow featuring some of our favorite healthy snack recipes for diabetics.

How different foods affect blood glucose levels is unique to each person, so be sure to keep an eye on yours before and after trying something new.

Vanilla Almond Fruit Dip

Vanilla Almond Fruit Dip

Combine this low-carb dip with your favorite fruits for a delightful dessert!

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Do you want to learn more about choosing healthy snacks? Read “Smart Snacking With Diabetes.”[1]

Are you looking for more diabetes-friendly snack ideas? Check out our library of recipes[2]!

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