For More Information on Healthy Feet

Taking care of your feet requires learning about and addressing risk factors before they become problems. These resources can help you to take better care of your feet.

American Lung Association
(800) LUNG-USA (586-4872)
The web ite of the American Lung Association. Click on “Stop Smoking” for information on quitting smoking, legislation against smoking, and smoking and pregnancy.

American Physical Therapy Association
(800) 999-APTA (2782)
TDD: (703) 683-6748
Visit “Move Forward” to learn more about physical therapy, find physical therapists in your area, read information on a variety of conditions that can be helped by therapy, and how physical therapy works with your insurance.

American Podiatric Medicine Association
(301) 581-9200
The APMA’s website can help you to find a podiatrist in your area and to learn more about ulcers and how diabetes affects the feet.

American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics
(703) 836-7114
Use this website to locate a certified pedorthist[1] in your area.

Take Care of Your Feet for a Lifetime
This sheet contains foot-care tips for people with diabetes.

Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention Program
(888) ASK-HRSA (275-4772)
The LEAP program works to reduce the number of lower extremity amputations in people with diabetes. Visit the website or call to order your own free, reusable LEAP filament and instructional brochure to check your own feet for loss of sensation.
(877) 44U-QUIT (448-7848)
TTY: (800) 332-8615
Created by a branch of the National Cancer Institute, this guide to quitting smoking offers brochures, a step-by-step quit guide, telephone numbers for local and state quitlines, and even an instant messaging service so you can chat with a staff member online.

  1. locate a certified pedorthist:

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