Diabetes Self-Management Named One of the “Best Diabetes Blogs of 2020”

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Diabetes Self-Management Named One of "Best Diabetes Blogs of 2020"
Badge courtesy of Healthline.

Every year, health and wellness website Healthline scours the web looking for blogs “that stood out for their informative, inspiring and empowering content” to be named as the Best Diabetes Blogs of 2020. This year, once again, we are pleased to report that the Diabetes Self-Management blog has been included on the list!

Managing diabetes doesn’t mean never indulging in foods you enjoy, which is why you’ll find over 900 diabetes-friendly recipes on this blog. Diabetes Self-Management also posts about product reviews, nutrition, meal planning, and exercise, plus tools for counting carbs, planning workouts, and much more,” notes Healthline. 

We are honored to have received this recognition and hope that you will join the diabetes conversation by bookmarking Diabetes Self-Management and checking in regularly for cutting-edge news, strategies for blood glucose management, nutrition tips, healthy recipes and so much more!

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