Diabetic Thanksgiving Recipes, Meal, & Menu Options

We've got tradition and a few twists with this list of turkey day favorites

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Diabetic Friendly Thanksgiving Meal & Menu Options

Delicious food brimming with flavor that’s also diabetes-friendly? It’s not impossible this Thanksgiving. With some smart substitutions and careful attention to serving size, everyone at the table will have something to be thankful for, even if you’re counting carbs and monitoring blood sugar levels.

These Thanksgiving recipes are crafted with good food and good health in mind, as well as anyone with diabetes who may be seated around the table. This list includes the traditional (turkey anyone?) with a diabetes-friendly take as well as some new dishes that may become family favorites. Enjoy!

Diabetic Thanksgiving Recipe - Big Brined Herby Turkey

Big Brined Herby Turkey

Looking for the perfect diabetes-friendly turkey recipe this Thanksgiving? This dish from chef Anne Burrell will leave your turkey bursting with flavor after a lengthy, three-day brine. 

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