Improving Your Recipes

One Step at a Time

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Getting started

Now that you have some ideas on how to make your recipes healthier, pick one recipe to start with, rather than trying to overhaul your entire recipe collection at once. Then pick one change to make in the recipe. For example, if you’re making a sour cream–based dip, start by substituting reduced-fat or fat-free sour cream for the regular product, but keep the other ingredients the same, then evaluate how it tastes. Could you also reduce the salt? Or does it need something added, such as a squeeze of lemon juice or a dash of hot sauce? Keep notes on your changes so you can reproduce them if they worked or alter them if they didn’t.

When you make small changes, the people you’re cooking for may not even detect that you altered the recipe. Over time, however, you and they may grow to prefer the taste and texture of dishes with less fat, sodium and sugar and with more whole grains, legumes, vegetables and other healthful ingredients.

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Originally Published February 28, 2011

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