Top Tips for Healthier Eating

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11. Find a soy product you like and eat it once a week.

Soy is a complete protein and contains omega-3 fatty acids, phytochemicals and only trace amounts of saturated fat. Some soy products also contain calcium, folate, potassium and/or fiber. Soy comes in all shapes and varieties — chances are, there is a soy product that you will like. Try edamame (young green soybeans), which are sold with or without the pod and make a great snack; soy milk (perfect in your coffee); soy-based veggie burgers; soy chips or nuts (beware of sodium); or good old tofu (blend silken tofu in a fruit smoothie, and you won’t even know it’s soy). Just as with beans, substituting soy for meat as a protein source will help reduce your intake of fat and cholesterol while increasing your fiber intake.

Originally Published November 5, 2009

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