More Tips for Weight Loss

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Don’t get freezer burned
Preparing nutritious, properly portioned foods in advance is a great way to lose weight. To make sure you have your healthy meal at the ready, take precautions to avoid freezer burn. Although foods with freezer burn are safe to eat, they look unappetizing and can taste dry and tough. To prevent freezer burn, store your food in proper portion-sized, clear containers with a moisture-proof barrier. If you use freezer bags, push the air out before closing them. For long-term freezer storage, vacuum sealers are best because they remove all the air from the container.

Use your plate to lose weight
Divide your 9″ dinner plate in two. Fill one half with nonstarchy vegetables (e.g., broccoli, cauliflower, salad greens). High in fiber and nutrients and low in carbs, these veggies should make up half the plate. The other half of the plate contains foods that should be eaten in smaller portions. One quarter of the plate should have a lean protein (e.g., fish, chicken), and the final quarter a starch (e.g., quinoa or sweet potato).

Declutter your surroundings
Once you’ve organized your kitchen space, quiet your surroundings so you can savor your food. Turn off all technology when eating, including cell phones and televisions. Studies show people who eat while distracted eat past the point of satiety or fullness and consume excess calories. That can prevent you from losing weight and cause problems with blood glucose control.


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