Infusion Tubing Snag and Pump Site Rip-Off (Beep Beep)

Here’s the deal: I wear an insulin pump. I have for over a year now. While I don’t love wearing the pump, I don’t hate it, either. It isn’t a burden. It isn’t obvious I’m wearing one. The maintenance and every-three-day infusion set and reservoir changes have become cake, something to be done in a few minutes’ time without really thinking about it. Read More “Infusion Tubing Snag and Pump Site Rip-Off (Beep Beep)”

Things That Bug Us

Some poor, hapless bug meandered onto the front porch the other day—no easy feat, since the porch is totally screened in—and, just its luck, met up with three kittens. It was one of those roundish, hard-shelled bugs and turned out to make a perfect hockey puck. The kittens were having a blast batting it around among themselves, but I daresay the bug was not as thrilled as being turned into a plaything as the kittens were in discovering a new toy. Read More “Things That Bug Us”

Regarding the Diabetes

This week marks one year since I started writing a weekly blog entry for That’s 51 articles (almost 40,000 words!), or blogs, or missives, or whatever you want to call them, about what it’s been like for me (for the most part) living with Type 1 diabetes. This week, I’d like to share some modified portions of an e-mail I sent to a friend a few days ago as a response to her asking how the diabetes was going. Read More “Regarding the Diabetes”

The Sound of Diabetes

I don’t know where the title—and, of course, the subject—for this week’s blog entry came from. Well…maybe I do. For the past week, our normally quiet neighborhood evenings have been permeated by the sounds of fireworks, a constant barrage of Black Cats, Saturn Missiles, and Roman Candles, which has no doubt influenced my thinking. While it’s true enough that there’s little correlation between the sound of diabetes and the fireworks’ sizzles, whistles, fizzles, and explosions, when the phrase "sound of diabetes" popped into my head last night, I decided to run with it. Read More “The Sound of Diabetes”

Moving Out of the Fast Lane

Maybe it’s that I’m in my "terrible twos"—my second year of living with Type 1 diabetes. But for the past three or four months, I’ve felt that my self-management isn’t what it was last year at this time. But that’s not to say that the pendulum of my self-management has swung back the other way entirely. Not at all. In fact, my last endocrinologist visit and doctor’s visit a few months ago showed that I was still doing quite well in my care. Read More “Moving Out of the Fast Lane”

What’s the Buzz All About?

Many mornings over the past few months, I’ve conveniently forgotten to check my blood glucose when I wake up. I bolus for breakfast—a bowl of cereal or a couple of chewy granola bars—but I’m unable to correct for my blood glucose with the insulin pump because I don’t know what my blood glucose level is. It wants me to correct if I need to correct. I lie to my pump. I don’t know my numbers. Read More “What’s the Buzz All About?”


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