Thoughts On a Cure

About a year and a half ago I attended a Children with Diabetes (CWD) conference in Marco Island, Florida, where there was a session held by someone from JDRF regarding the potential for a cure and what a cure might actually look like. I could tell from the start of the session that it wasn’t going to be one I particularly enjoyed… Read More “Thoughts On a Cure”

I Can’t Stop

We all have at least one song that really gets us going. A song that comes on and gets you so pumped, so motivated, to just… GO! For me, that song is “I Can’t Stop” by Flux Pavilion. I use the same mentality when it comes to diabetes. I can’t stop. (Literally…) Read More “I Can’t Stop”

The End Of Freshman Year

I truly cannot believe that as I sit here writing this I’m going into my absolute final week as a freshman in college. The hurdle has been conquered! Whoever said time flies really hit the nail on the head. But despite how quickly this year went by, I feel as though I held on to every moment and really appreciated all that it had to offer… Read More “The End Of Freshman Year”

Friends for Life: Part 2

So in the last week or so, not too much has changed in my diabetes care. No real exciting updates or particularly interesting stories to share, so I figure, why not write about something that is always exciting for me and that flows so naturally? The Children with Diabetes (CWD) conferences! Read More “Friends for Life: Part 2”

Memories Flood In; Take Over

You know those questionnaires that go around on the Internet, asking you to share information about yourself with your friends? One asked where you’d like to be right now. “In the kitchen,” Liz wrote, “cooking with Jan and Carolyn.” But the three of us will no longer have that pleasure: Liz failed to wake up Saturday morning… Read More “Memories Flood In; Take Over”

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