Tips for Staying Motivated

One issue that I face on a regular basis is finding myself weary of dealing with diabetes. I just feel burnt out and not up to the task of staying on top of things. I’ve been thinking of the ways that I get myself out of these “diabetes ruts” and compiled it into what I hope will be a motivational blog post (both for you and for me!)… Read More “Tips for Staying Motivated”

Get Real With Yourself

We’ve all done it. We’ve all swept one problem or another under the rug until there is no option other than to face it. Once we eventually are forced to deal with whatever problem is facing us, there’s usually some regret over having waited so long to deal with it… Read More “Get Real With Yourself”

College Living

Hello, Diabetes Self-Management community! This is my first blog post for DSM, and I am absolutely ecstatic to be writing for them. Aside from my love of writing and general obsession with blogs, I love talking about diabetes. Strange perhaps, but it’s true… Read More “College Living”

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