Nothungry Oddlow

Saturday, July 24, began in the same way as many of my other Saturdays in the summer of 2010. Kathryn (my wife) gets up around six or six thirty to take the dog for her walk. I often wake up about fifteen minutes later, and the first thing I do, because I don’t have a thyroid, is go downstairs and take my Synthroid (levothyroxine sodium) with a large glass of water. Then I check my blood glucose. Read More “Nothungry Oddlow”

My Motivation

It is an absolute pleasure to be a guest blogger for for the next couple of months. I have written numerous articles for Diabetes Self-Management magazine over the years and welcome this new opportunity to engage in a dialogue with other folks living with diabetes, with practitioners working with people who have diabetes, and with friends and loved ones who care about people living with diabetes… Read More “My Motivation”

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