The ACCORD Trial Findings: What You Should Know

In one large, ongoing trial of people with Type 2 diabetes and a high risk of cardiovascular disease, intensive blood glucose control has been linked with a slightly higher risk of death compared with less-intensive, "standard" treatment. Participants in the trial who were receiving intensive treatment will now be switched over to standard treatment. While these findings were unexpected and have raised some concerns about diabetes treatment strategies for specific groups of people, they should not trigger a change in therapy for most people with diabetes. Read More “The ACCORD Trial Findings: What You Should Know”

Symlin Now Available in a Pen

The injected diabetes drug pramlintide (brand name Symlin) is now available in pen form. Drug manufacturer Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., announced this week that two new prefilled, pen-injector devices—the SymlinPen 120 and the SymlinPen 60—are now on the market to make the process of injecting mealtime doses of pramlintide simpler and more convenient. Until this week, pramlintide was only available in vials. Read More “Symlin Now Available in a Pen”

Study Finds New Risks for Avandia

A new study of an older, "real-world" population, published in the December 12 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), has confirmed the findings of earlier research by linking Type 2 diabetes drug rosiglitazone (brand name Avandia) with increased heart risks. It has also uncovered a new risk associated with the drug—namely, an increased risk of dying that had not been observed before. Studies of rosiglitazone have made the news a lot lately (see our own recent coverage in "Avandia: New Warning and Findings"). Read More “Study Finds New Risks for Avandia”

Avandia: New Warning and Findings

The Type 2 diabetes drug rosiglitazone (brand names Avandia, Avandamet, and Avandaryl) has continued to make headlines over the last month as a new warning, new prescribing recommendations, and new findings about one of its side effects have been published. As you may recall, an analysis of multiple clinical trials published earlier this year in The New England Journal of Medicine linked rosiglitazone to an increased risk of heart attack and triggered a storm of controversy about the drug’s safety (read more at "Type 2 Drug Avandia Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Attacks"). Read More “Avandia: New Warning and Findings”

National Diabetes Month, Week 1: Caregivers

November is National Diabetes Month, which also incorporates World Diabetes Day on November 14. It’s a month dedicated to raising awareness about diabetes and advocating for its prevention, cure, and management. Events are scheduled around the country and the world—keep any eye out for happenings in your area, or enter your ZIP code into the "Local Events & Information" box on the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) home page. Read More “National Diabetes Month, Week 1: Caregivers”


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