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Supermodel Lila Grace Moss, who has type 1 diabetes[1] and is the daughter of Kate Moss, shared a few of the tools she uses to manage her blood sugar levels[2] in a video interview with British Vogue.

Moss appeared on a recent episode of “In The Bag,”[3] a video series the fashion magazine runs, where the featured person shares the content of their bag. Between items like her phone, hand sanitizer, and old Polaroid images, the 19-year-old supermodel also showed off several things related to her diabetes management. The first was the glucose tablets she keeps in case her blood sugar drops. The second was her wireless insulin pump, which she keeps an Apple Air Tag[4] on so she can track it if it ever goes missing.

The insulin pump controls the pod she wears on her leg, which was displayed prominently as she walked the runway during[5] Milan Fashion Week in September 2021.

In addition to appearing on “In The Bag,” Moss was the subject of an in-depth interview with Ellie Pithers[6] for the May issue of British Vogue, which features her on the cover[7].

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