Diabetes and iPhone: Another App Article?

Yeah, I know. For those of you who are tech-savvy and who read more than a few diabetes Web sites or blogs, and especially those of you who may have an iPhone or iPod touch, you’re probably thinking, “Oh no, not another list of those few applications out there that require too much manual data entry.” Don’t worry. It is not my intention to review the few applications out there — “apps” for short, by the way (for the uninitiated) — that are already in existence…
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It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Insulin

It’s that time of year here in Michigan that makes me very happy. Summer’s here, which means that the flower gardens that make up a majority of our lawn — front, back, and side of the house — are just about ready to go into full-color mode. My wife and I are also three weeks away from a weeklong vacation at a cabin we rented in a national forest on the other side of the state. So I’m excited for what’s to come… Read More “It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Insulin”

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