Reddit Backs Father After Daughter With Type 1 Diabetes Faints

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Reddit Backs Father After Daughter with Type 1 Diabetes Faints

A father is gaining support on Reddit for publicly calling out his daughter’s school nurse after the daughter, who has type 1 diabetes, fainted due to low blood sugar

According to the post, the daughter “felt weird,” so her teacher sent her to the nurse’s office after checking her blood sugar level and seeing it was low. The nurse declined to give her glucagon and told her to take it when she got home. The daughter then fainted on the bus, and the driver called for an ambulance to take her to the hospital. 

The father says he met with teachers, administrative staff, and the nurse before the start of the school year, and there is a Section 504 plan in place indicating that the nurse is allowed to give her glucagon when needed. It also says the daughter shouldn’t take the bus home when her blood levels drop too low, the post said. 

He shared the post on the “Am I The A**hole” forum, concerned he was in the wrong for publicly calling out the nurse and the school in a separate Facebook post. 

Here are a few of the roughly 1,700 comments on the post supporting the father. 

“Honestly [Original Poster] just did a huge favor for kids and parents of that school. Now the school can hopefully fire her and get a competent nurse,” Reddit user CaptainnCrunch said.

“I definitely agree with NTA! People just like to gloss over that the child could have died. It is not on [Original Poster] to care if she keeps her job or not. [Original Poster]’s job is to safeguard their child. They put these rules in place to ensure that the child is taken care of but unfortunately there is always one person who thinks they know better,” Reddit user gbstermite said. 

“NTA, That nurse jeopardized your child’s safety, and who knows who else she had done this to. She deserved to be put on blast,” Reddit user BlacksmithMotor2580 said. 

While many support the father for his posts, a few did suggest he keep the matter off of social media or at least wait to meet with school officials. 

Read “Type 1 Diabetes at School: What Personnel Need to Know,” “Diabetes Support at School,” and “Diabetes at School” to learn more about sending kids with diabetes to school safely.

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